Tenement Museum Walking Tour: Storefront Stories

Posted by sumolsen
13 Dec 2014 20:19

By Ariel Rosenblum


“Storefront Stories,” the Tenement Museum walking tour of Orchard Street explores experiences of immigrant entrepreneurs of the past and present in heart of the Lower East Side’s historic shopping district. A salient point on the tour highlighted the commercial cycles the neighborhood has gone through- from pushcart to storefront- and with these developments, changes and adaptations from one family generation to another. The most recent iteration in this cycle is the momentum of gentrification that is presently changing the demographic in the neighborhood that has long been occupied by immigrant families and entrepreneurs. Interestingly, the Museum straddles preservation of the neighborhood’s history on one hand, while being an agent of change on the other. Drawing thousands of visitors to the area each week, upscale eateries and boutiques have sprung up to meet the influx of cultural and economic capital these tourists and visitors seek from and bring to the neighborhood.


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