The Dream House: The World’s Longest Duration Fluxus Artwork?

Posted by Hanna Hoelling
06 May 2014 16:20

By Lisa Adang


Over the course of his musical career, La Monte Young has moved towards increasingly long-form sonic compositions, and even in his earliest memories he recalls being transfixed by sustained ambient noises like motors, power plants and electric currents through telephone wires. (1) In his twenties while attending Los Angeles City College, Young began experimenting with protracted tones on the saxophone, pushing the limits of his breath and exploring incremental tonal variations with repetitious combinations of notes. Young soon discovered contact microphones, which he used to amplify sounds vibrating through objects. This began the composer’s long relationship with electronic sound generation and manipulation, which would enable him to go beyond the limits of the body to sustain tones ad infinitum.


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Film, memory and cognition: visiting the Museum of the Moving Image

Posted by Hanna Hoelling
05 May 2014 02:00

By Cabelle Ahn and Linden Hill


Although located off the beaten path, the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) is certainly worth the hike. Situated in the former Astoria Studio complex, which Paramount built in the 1920s, MoMI is a museum dedicated to the material culture of moving images. Our Beyond the Object Principle class had the pleasure of meeting with Chief Curator David Schwartz, Associate Curator of Digital Media Jason Eppink, and the Registrar to learn more about how this museum operates and organizes its collection.


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